Navigating Riparian Rights: A Comprehensive Guide for Land Surveyors 

“No rule can be laid down as to every situation, since … rights must depend in every instance upon the shape of the upland, the arm of the sea, and [the parties’] relative position to each other. The aim of all rules as applied to the rights of adjoining littoral proprietors on an irregular shore […]

Mastering the Art of Property Line Determination: 7 Essential Methods 

Knowing where your property lines lie is crucial for homeowners to avoid boundary disputes with neighbors and make informed decisions about their land. This guide outlines seven effective methods to find your property lines, from reviewing existing surveys to reaching agreements with neighbors.  Understanding Property Lines  Property lines are the legally defined boundaries that delineate […]

FAQs About The Ferrantello Group’s Expert Witness Services 

expert witness testimony

When it comes to navigating complex legal cases involving land surveying, mapping, and related matters, having the right expert witness testimony to support your case is essential.   At The Ferrantello Group, we have been providing expert witness services for over five decades, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Here are the […]

4 Reasons to Trust the Ferrantello Group’s Expert Witness Services 

expert witness testimony in court

Navigating the intersection of complex technical matters and legal proceedings requires expertise and credibility. The Ferrantello Group has been a trusted provider of expert witness services for over 50 years, offering a unique blend of industry knowledge and courtroom experience. Here’s why you can rely on our expert witness services.  Decades of Experience  With a […]

Why You Can Rely on the Experience of the Ferrantello Group

In a world brimming with companies offering land surveying, civil engineering, and expert witness services, the Ferrantello Group doesn’t just blend in–we stand out for all the right reasons.   With an impressive legacy spanning over half a century, we’re not your typical team. Our dedication to delivering exceptional services, thorough documentation, and unwavering reliability as […]

The Importance of Hiring an Experienced Civil Engineer and Land Surveyor in New York 

land surveyor

When it comes to legal disputes involving land boundaries, surveying, mapping, and expert witness testimony services can be the key to a successful outcome. Whether you’re an insurance company, plaintiff, or defendant, vital support is needed throughout the entire legal process. That’s where experienced civil engineers and land surveyors come in. Keep reading as we […]

How to Choose the Right Expert Witness for Your Case

When it comes to presenting a strong case in a legal dispute, having the right expert witness can make all the difference. An expert witness brings specialized knowledge and credibility to the courtroom, helping to support your arguments and sway the opinions of the judge and jury. Keep reading as we discuss the key factors […]

The Role of an Expert Land Surveyor in Legal Cases  

If you’re dealing with a legal dispute involving property boundaries, you’re going to need a land survey to accurately convey what is happening on the property. In New York, only a survey made by a licensed land surveyor can define the size and location of property purchases. This makes land surveys an essential part of […]