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Our Company

We are here for your needs, protect your investment whether you are buying, selling, planning, designing, developing, legalizing, perhaps even disputing your real properties.

Who are we? We are land surveyors, civil engineers, planners, designers, zoning and building consultants to say the least. Remember: architects practice architecture and master the style and design of a house or structure. When it comes to the land, the property, the site, the landscape and the boundaries, who do you reach out to? Whether it is designing improvements to a large master estate, legalizing site improvements such as retaining walls, deck and other items, or subdividing a lot into multiple lots or condominiums/townhomes- these are the types of projects that will require an expert land surveyor. It is crucial you come to a civil engineer and a land surveyor who can delineate the boundaries, easements, topography, zoning and building envelopes. Designing the 3D envelope that can make or break the development is essential.

We are professionals who work from “suits to boots.” In the office, we perform internal research and use Auto-cad software to draft plans and map onsite measurements. Our work varies from day to day. We work on an array of projects from Montauk to Manhattan that range from residential property to large subdivision and commercial properties to condominiums and skyscrapers. We provide professional advice and information to guide owners, architects and developers.

We have a vast collection of over 100 years of professional records including:

  • • John P. Ferrantello
  • • Frank S. Ferrantello
  • • Vito A. Valenti
  • • Lewis Waters
  • • Bernard Padnick
  • • Walter P. Stewart
  • • Boswell- Fletcher Consulting Engineers & Land Surveyors
  • • G.S. Van Der Werken
  • • Charles E. Glass
  • • Robert Clement
  • • Walter W. Flechtner
  • • A-1 Survey Corp.
  • • Lester Malm
  • • Engineering Unlimited
  • • ELS Engineering and Land Surveying

Surveying Below, on and Above the Earth

  • • Detailed and Comprehensive Drawings
  • • Unique, Crisp, Clean and Readable Format
  • • For Use as Legal Documents in Court
  • • Fast, Competitive, Quality Proven Services
  • • Expert Witness Testimony
  • • Variety of Highly Experienced Curriculum Vitae’s
  • • Experts in the Art and Science of Boundary Retracement
  • • Municipal Liaison to Represent Your Submission to building, planning and zoning departments