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Ferrantello Group

The Ferrantello Group announces they have acquired ELS Land Surveying and civil engineering Company.

The Ferrantello Group is pleased to announce they have recently acquired the company ELS Land Surveying, a land surveying company in Huntington NY. Both companies are very excited about the change and believe the change will not only expand the already growing Long Island land surveying company but bring a huge increase to their assets.

ELS Land Surveying operated in Huntington NY for over 20 years but since the passing of the original owner the business a few years back, the business had been slowly degrading and clients have had to get services elsewhere. By merging with the company, The Ferrantello Group is revitalizing the client base and providing clients with the land surveying needs they can no longer get through ELS Land Surveying.

Here are Land Surveying Services the new clients will have access to:

–          Land Surveying & Mapping

–          Construction Layout & High-Rise Services

–          Property Boundary Line Surveying

–          Expert Witness Surveying, Mapping & Testimony

–          Flood Mapping and FEMA Certification

–          Site Planning & Subdivision Consulting

–          Consultation

ELS Land Surveying had a large client data base that will now be handled by the Ferrantello Group. Never straying from their values and integrity, the Ferrantello Group will provide all new clients with the same quality land surveying services and are here to help clients in anyway they can with this merger.

Producing and executing a job right is the Ferrantello Group’s top priority so they are doing everything in their power to make the change as easy and hassle-free for clients as possible. Since they will be acting as one company – The Ferrantello Group –  you can count on getting the same personal working relationships you have always had and quality land surveying services.

Look out for the next update from the Ferrantello Group and stay updated on the company merger.