If you’re dealing with a legal dispute involving property boundaries, you’re going to need a land survey to accurately convey what is happening on the property. In New York, only a survey made by a licensed land surveyor can define the size and location of property purchases. This makes land surveys an essential part of settling property disputes. 

The Ferrantello Group’s expert land surveyors are just who you need to provide valuable expertise in property law to support your case.  

What Do Professional Land Surveying Services Entail?  

A land surveyor is a professional who measures and maps the physical features of land, including its boundaries and natural features. Land surveyors verify legal and physical evidence through public or private records and other resources, using historical survey evidence, mathematics, statistics, measurement systems, planning regulations, and other technologies. 

Land surveyors in New York are certified professionals who are required to adhere to a strict set of professional standards and regulations and may act on behalf of clients at public hearings, meetings, and in court.  

The Role of a Land Surveyor in Legal Cases  

In legal cases involving property boundaries, land surveyors provide crucial evidence that can determine the outcome of a case, by: 

Determining Property Boundaries  

One of the most important roles of a land surveyor is to determine the exact boundaries of a property. This is essential in cases where there is a dispute over property lines or where there are conflicting surveys. A land surveyor can also provide detailed measurements and maps. This can show the exact location of property lines, which can help to resolve disputes and prevent future boundary conflicts.  

Providing Expert Testimony  

A licensed land surveyor can provide expert testimony in legal cases, which can help to support your case in court. They can explain their findings and provide evidence to back up their conclusions. Their testimony can be used to prove ownership, establish property boundaries, or dispute the findings of other surveys.  

Identifying Easements and Rights-of-Way 

In some cases, landowners may be required to grant easements or rights-of-way to others for access to their property. A land surveyor can identify these easements and rights-of-way. This will help to determine the exact location and extent of these areas. This can be essential in cases where there is a dispute over access or use of a property.  

Assessing Property Value  

In some cases, a land surveyor may be called upon to assess the value of a property. This is vital in cases where property ownership is being disputed, or there are questions about the value of a property. A land surveyor can also provide expert analysis of the physical features of a property through topographical surveys. 

Choose The Ferrantello Group as Your Expert Land Surveyor in Your Legal Case  

If you’re involved in a legal dispute and in need of a land surveyor, the Ferrantello Group is here for you. Our team of land surveying and engineering experts has a proven track record at supporting legal cases across New York. 

The Ferrantello Group is led by Frank Ferrantello, a licensed engineer and expert land surveyor in the state of New York. Frank has extensive land surveying experience, having surveyed over 10,000 sites. Frank Ferrantello has also been recognized as an expert witness in many high-profile cases. As a result, he’s earned a reputation as a trusted and effective advocate for his clients.  

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