Site Planning,
Subdivision Mapping

Once an initial land survey has been performed on a parcel of property, the surveyor will draw up a set of site plans to demonstrate the proposed development of the land. This is a necessary part of the construction process because the plans verify the accuracy of the land parcel measurements and ensure that the proposed building is constructed according to codes and regulations. The Ferrantello Group can provide these plans with guaranteed accuracy and timeliness. 

Why Accuracy Is Critical with site plans

Anytime a building is constructed, even on private land, there are both physical and legal considerations involved, to the point that even the difference of a few inches can make a structure unsafe or in violation of code. In the event that site plans are not drawn accurately, or errors are discovered after a billing project is completed, a surveyor must do a correction survey to determine which elements are out of place, whether the build is legally compliant, and what things need to be changed or re-done in order to meet the requirements of the regulating authorities. This can be both complicated and expensive, but it can be easily avoided by hiring an experienced land surveyor, like the Ferrantello Group, to ensure the site plans are drawn accurately the first time.

What A site plan includes

The subdivision process ensures that a project is on a legally subdivided lot, has proper space for certain kinds of development as well as the required utility easements and roadways. 

Specific subdivision considerations include the shape of a site, lot and/or tract size, circulation, street layout, drainage and grading, and flood plain concerns. In addition, subdivision projects are reviewed to address any environmental concerns that may arise. These include water quality, tree, vegetation, and topography, and the protection of critical environmental features. Also, utilities are planned for in the subdivision process. These considerations include the extension of transmission lines, distribution of water and wastewater lines, or on-site service.

With our many years of proven experience, The Ferrantello Group has both the expertise and the working knowledge of local codes to make sure your site plans are drawn accurately, enabling you to build with confidence.