Your purchase of Real Estate is one of the most important investments you will make in your entire life, and a land survey is one of the best ways to protect that investment.

While a licensed professional land surveyor must charge accordingly for their expert work, someone pretending to be a land surveyor can provide you with very low survey quotes since they will not be performing the necessary work to provide you with a complete and accurate survey. Getting one of these very cheap surveys can have very serious consequences.

Many of these “surveyors” who quote extremely low prices and promise inconceivably brief timelines may not be licensed or insured. While it is important to consider your budget, hiring a professional and reputable land surveyor is the only way to get the true value for your money.

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Our experienced team of NYC & Long Island surveyors performs extensive research to ensure the accuracy of your project. Be sure to avoid surveyors who are too cheap or too fast, and choose our knowledgeable team of experts at the Ferrantello Group. 

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A reputation you can build on. No excused when working with our team at Ferrantello Group. You’ll be in the hands of designers, engineers, surveyors, and expert planners. With over 50 years of consulting, diverse experience and knowledge that is unsurpassed, there are no limits to our capabilities. The blend of professionals will walk you through the process of your project to ensure the proper instruction and supervision from start to finish.

The Ferrantello Group is a full design firm that specializes in residential, commercial buildings, subdivisions and unique projects of all sizes and scopes. We are a company with whome our clients can feel comfortable communicating their ideas to achieve their dreams. With our experience, our clients save time and money and can say that their experience is one of a kind. No other firm will service you on a large scale and treat you like family.