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Thank You Ferrantello Group!!!

I’m writing to thank you for completing the survey of my property on time and on budget despite the terrible weather conditions this week that I am confident would have delayed other surveyors. You got it done so that my follow on work could proceed on schedule, which saved me time, money and a huge headache. Thanks so much!! Please feel free to share this review and A+++++ rating as you see fit. It is richly deserved! Thanks again!!!

Ian Goldrich

To whom if may concern:

I used Frank Ferrantello of the Ferrantello Group as my expert surveyor on a property damage case. He surveyed the location where the water damage occurred, and provided very convincing evidence (drawings of the location) and testimony indicating that the damage could not have been caused by flooding from a river approximately two blocks from the warehouse during a storm as defendant’s argued, as the storm surge was not high enough above sea level to reach the warehouse. This enabled me to argue that the water damage was caused by a malfunctioning sprinkler system set off by a power surge in a private water main in the industrial park where the warehouse was located.

Additionally, the night before his testimony, he spent hours on line locating and reviewing documents relied upon by the opposing expert, printed out and demonstrated that the opposing expert testified falsely that a particular flood inundation map showed that the flood level had reached the warehouse. In large part as a result of his excellent testimony (he was particularly good at handling cross-examination by opposing counsel, an excellent attorney, the managing partner of a major New York law firm), after a liability verdict, the case settled for a significantly large amount in our favor due to Mr. Ferrantello testimony.

I would highly recommend Mr. Ferrantello as an expert witness/surveyor, and plan to use him again when the occasion arises.

Louis A. Badolato
Trial and Appellate Counsel

“This project for the Eisenhower Twin Rinks was a 20 acre site that was developed consisting of 2 indoor ice skating rinks, a gymnasium, an outdoor skating rink, an outdoor concession stand, Eisenhower Park Utility infrastructure, drainage reserve areas and multiple parking lot facilities for 500 cars.

As the site surveying and consulting firm, the Long Island Land Surveyor, Ferrantello Group provided exceptional services on demand with multiple crews as needed with availability of same or next day service. No mistakes on documentation or field work were made over the two years period. Everything was done in professional and timely manner. All deadlines were met.

Their equipment is brand new and is state of the art. Their office and field personal utilized information on digital documentation and was up to date with modern technology.

Working alongside them on a two (2) year project valued in excess of $40 million, was my pleasure. NYC Land Surveyor, The Ferrantello Group was essential for us to build on time and without any mistakes.

Services performed were: topographical, utility and feasibility surveys, earth work volumes and reports; excavation monitoring and supervision, line and grade, cut and fill surveying and staking.

Infrastructure layout and as built, footing, foundations and column line stake outs; layout of access line and anchor bolts. Multiple as built surveys for multiple trades. Multiple layout surveys for multiple trades. Layout of drainage including storm systems, drywells, catch basins, and drainage reserve area.”

–Eisenhower Twin Rinks Complex at Eisenhower Park.

“We received an incorrect survey from our Buyer’s referred surveyor. He apparently was inexperienced and has not worked with any homes on the North Shore of Long Island and stated our lot was two feet short. This caused major problems with our closing. Due to Ferrantello’s expertise and knowledge, they were able to prove our lot was compliant and met all regulations. The original surveyor admitted to his mistake.

Thanks to Long Island Land Surveyor, FERRANTELLO Surveyors and Land Planner Services, I was able to receive accurate data, complete my closing and celebrate Christmas with my family in our new home!

I highly recommend Ferrantello!”

–Fausto Pugliese, Owner and Founder of Cyber Trading University.

“I am extremely satisfied with the service and quality of the work that I received from Ferrantello Group. I needed an elevation certificate for a renewal of flood insurance and the surveyors that came to the house were friendly and professional. They arrived on time and completed their job in a timely manner. I received my certificate within 48 hours of completion of their inspection.

I would absolutely recommend Ferrantello Group to my friends and co-workers.”

–Teresa Reid, FEMA Elevation Certificate