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Land Surveying and Mapping

Establishing your boundary lines and mapping the surrounding environment…

Our land surveying and mapping services are essential if you are looking to determine your property lines, open or close out permits and/or obtain certificate of occupancy’s, locate natural and manmade features, assist in the design of improvements or developments on a site and more. It is a land investigation, which defines location, dimensions and area of a parcel of land, along with all rights the parcel enjoys or to which it is subject.

There are multiple phases included in this process including research, field reconnaissance, field survey, and drafting. Speak with our experts to see which one of our surveying and mapping services is right for you.


  •  Topographical Surveys
  • Architectural Surveys
  • Building Surveys
  • Record or As-built Surveys
  • Alta Surveys
  • Title Surveys
  • Monitoring Well Locations and Certifications
  • Quantity Surveys 
  • Telecommunication-cell site and at FAA Surveys
  • Utility and Vault Surveys
  • Air  and Development Right’s Surveys
  • Subdivisions
  • Route Surveys
  • GPS Surveying and Control Mapping
  • Drone Mapping and Surveying