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Construction & High Rise Layout

We offer comprehensive construction surveying services for a wide array of projects including residential, commercial, industrial, and high rise construction. Our field crews and office personnel are reliable and knowledgeable with all phases of construction surveying such as:

  • existing conditions mapping and surveying
  • layout for site grading and clearing
  • construction layout of foundations, column lines, drainage, sewers, curbing, roadways, and utilities, etc
  • preparation of as-constructed mapping as required
  • preparation of final survey mapping upon completion of work


Please contact us for a quote for your next construction project. Whether it is a single family residence or a large scale construction project you will receive prompt, attentive service from our experienced staff.

  • First to Last Phase Construction Surveys
  • All Building Department Surveys
  • Block Surveys to Establish Right-of-Way Limits of City Blocks, Column line, Building Staking, Pile, Pile Cap and Footing Staking
  • Pile As-Built Surveys
  • Anchor Bolt and Template As-Built Surveys
  • Horizontal Grid and Vertical Control for Multiple Floors- Steel & Concrete
  • Column Plumb Reports
  • Mullion Alignment Surveys
  • Utility and Finish Grade Staking
  • Interior Layout and As-Built Conditions Interior and Exterior Architectural Building Surveys
  • As-Built Surveys and Plans
  • Space Validation
  • Facade Surveys
  • Monitoring Structural & Ground Surveys
  • Earth Removal
  • Utility Mapping and Layout
  • NYC Builders Pavement Plans
  • R.O.W & Route Surveys
  • Proposed Building Layouts
  • Piles Layouts and Location
  • Axis Lines Layout
  • Foundation Location Surveys
  • Final Surveys for Department of Buildings and C.O.
  • Prepare final plans