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Westbury Land Surveyors

The growth and development of Westbury raises a concern about boundary lines when you plan to buy a home or property. The Westbury area of Nassau County has seen the construction of new shopping centers and apartment complexes in a short timeframe. Buying a home near an area with heavy construction or plans for a new commercial property means you want a clear designation of your boundary lines for your title work.

The Westbury Land Surveyors, Ferrantello Group surveyors are the best professionals to handle your concerns. Before we focus on land surveying to clarify your topography and potential concerns with your property, we research the records to verify your boundary lines. The clarification helps you identify when other parties are encroaching on your property or when a legal challenge may arise after you buy a home. We are the best land surveyors to handle your title work in Westbury due to our experience in the local area and our extensive records on local properties.