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Smithtown Land Surveyors

Looking at homes in Smithtown offers the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful environment. The town has a state park and touches the ocean in some areas, which results in variable topography. The decision to buy a home in the Suffolk County town means you want to understand the risks to your property. A key aspect of protecting your property is identifying the risk of flooding and taking measures to protect your home with appropriate insurance. The Smithtown Land Surveyors, Ferrantello Group elevation surveys clarify your risks and provide details to help you protect your asset.

Elevation surveys from the best land surveyors identify homes in a flood zone and other aspects of a land’s topography that may cause concerns in the event of a storm. Properties near the water in Smithtown may raise concerns about the elevation of your property. You also want to consider a land survey to map the features of your property and the variations in topography that may complicate your long-term plans for renovations, an add-on, or other building projects on your home.