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Old Westbury Land Surveyors

Land surveying plays an essential role in buying a property or building on a property in Old Westbury. The Nassau County village is known for the beautiful sprawling estates and large homes, as well as the historic charm of the Old Westbury Gardens. When you are buying a home in the Old Westbury area, you want to make sure you have a proper land survey to identify potential problems and clarify the boundaries of your land.

Old Westbury has interesting topography with green spaces that flow into large properties, as well as smaller properties that line the main roads or peek out from behind the trees. The Old Westbury Land Surveyors, Ferrantello Group recognizes that the trees and hills may complicate boundary lines. Land surveying plays an important role when you buy a property in Old Westbury because it clarifies the features that fall on your property and the details that are not part of your property. You will know how many trees are part of your land and when the trees are on your neighbor’s land. Our best land surveyors in Old Westbury also identify problems that may arise due to the hills and topography of your property.