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Lloyd Harbor Land Surveyors

Lloyd Harbor is a beautiful area with homes near the water. The challenge associated with buying a home close to the water is the potential risk to your new property. A mortgage provider may require you to get a land survey as part of your title work to verify your boundary lines and ensure that the property is safe from water-related risks. Ferrantello land surveyors are the best professionals for your situation and your goals. Our land surveying services recognize the unique challenges associated with a property in Lloyd Harbor, and we use advanced technology for accurate measurements of the land.

A key challenge associated with properties in Lloyd Harbor is the proximity to the water. You also need to consider the topography and the hills that run through Suffolk County. Lloyd Harbor Land Surveyors, Ferrantello Group can help by identifying your boundary lines and potential problems with a building project. We also provide elevation surveys to determine if you have a risk of flooding. Our elevation surveys and land surveys provide details that you need to decide on a purchase or a building project.