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Franklin Square Land Surveyors

Evaluating a house or townhome in Franklin Square offers the opportunity to invest in a property. The challenge is verifying the boundaries of your yard and property when you buy the house. You may need a boundary line survey or a land survey as part of your title work before you buy the property. During a boundary line survey from Franklin Square Land Surveyors, Ferrantello Group will ensure that your neighbors are not encroaching on your property. It also clarifies the boundary lines of your proper and makes sure that your fence is in your property.

The top surveyors in Nassau County recognize the value of clarifying your boundary lines. That is why the Ferrantello Group researches and verifies the boundaries of your property before you buy the house in Franklin Square. It allows you to determine what trees and plants belong on your property, and what belongs to your neighbor. The goal of a boundary line survey during your title work is preventing legal challenges by clarifying the boundaries for your property.