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Dix Hills Land Surveyors

Evaluating a property in Dix Hills impacts your decision to buy a home or build a new property. The area is growing, but it retains the charm associated with Suffolk County’s unique topography without the large crowds of other localities. A land survey plays an important role in your decision to buy or build a property in the Dix Hills area. 

Dix Hills is a landlocked town with large lots for residential properties. Due to the larger lot sizes and bigger spaces, you may have questions about the boundaries of your property. You also want to consider the potential challenges of the local topography. Dix Hills has small hills and wooded areas that may complicate a building project. If you decide to buy a new home, then you may need land surveying services to clarify your boundaries for your title work. Dix Hills Land Surveyors, Ferrantello Group offers the right services to address your concerns. Our land surveys evaluate the topography, and we offer elevation surveys to identify the risk of flooding. The best land surveyors focus on the details, and that is what you can expect from a survey by the Ferrantello Group.