Real estate is one of your most important investments, and many people dream of the opportunity to own their own home one day. When you believe your Westhampton Beach NY property, fence, or land is being threatened, it is easy to react strongly and want to sue the other party. However, hiring an attorney is expensive and time-consuming, and there is a much better way to handle property line disputes. An experienced land surveyor, like the Ferrantello Group, is the best option for obtaining or validating a land survey to resolve a property dispute if one actually does exist.

When Do Property Line Disputes Occur in Westhampton Beach NY?

Many Westhampton Beach NY homeowners rely on information from old surveys to determine their property boundaries. When an issue arises or a land survey is requested by a bank or finance company, people often realize that they do not know the true location of their property line on the ground.

Disputes often arise between neighboring property owners when there is a change in home ownership. New homeowners may want to install a fence, driveway, or landscaping that impedes on adjacent lots. Rightfully, neighboring homeowners may protest these changes, based upon biased opinions or feelings, and outdated information, such as hearsay or old surveys.

Property line conflicts also develop when homeowners seek a building permit for additions, pools, rooms, or sheds. Most municipalities only issue a building permit when there is an up-to-date land survey on file for the property. Permits may be held up if fencing is not located on correct properties.

Don’t Hire an Attorney for Land Disputes

Does a dispute actually exist? It may seem tempting to sue your neighbor for violating the lot lines, but immediately hiring an attorney is not the best practice for settling disputes. An attorney is both costly and time-consuming, as they will need to contact you numerous times for meetings, phone calls and emails. Without an updated land survey, an attorney will need to hire a land surveyor for one. By using an attorney before hiring a land surveyor, you will pay thousands of dollars for a middle-man.

Using an attorney and filing a lawsuit should be your last resort for resolving land line disputes with your neighbors. Lawsuits are extremely costly and can drag on for months or years and create uncomfortable tension with your neighbors. The headache and cost of a lawsuit can often be avoided when you hire an experienced land surveyor in Westhampton Beach NY, like the Ferrantello Group. Work directly with a land surveyor to obtain a land survey before considering a lawsuit.