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Cold Spring Harbor Land Surveyors

Building a new home in Cold Spring Harbor, or buying an older property with the intention of renovating the home, may require assistance from Cold Spring Harbor land surveyors, Ferrantello Group. In the case of building a new house, you will need a land survey. If you are buying an existing property, then you may need a survey for your title work. A land surveyor from the Ferrantello Group handles the challenges of mapping out the topography of the property and assisting with your title work or the initial building project.

A key challenge associated with land surveying in Cold Spring Harbor is the hills throughout the area. The topography of the land is complex, which complicates the process of building a new property. Ferrantello surveyors are the best professionals to handle elevation surveys and challenges with the topography due to our experience in the Suffolk County area. We evaluate the conditions of the property and map out the boundary lines before working with architects to ensure proper measures are taken to address the challenges of the hills throughout the Cold Spring Harbor area.