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Bethpage Land Surveyors

Buying or selling property in Bethpage requires accurate details about the boundaries of your property and the potential challenges of the local area. As a landlocked hamlet, Bethpage has a low risk of complications associated with flooding, but you still need to delineate your property. A key complication in the local area is the golf courses and the potential for challenges to your boundary lines when you live near a golf course. You want to make sure that your land is property surveyed by the best land surveyors with accurate records to prevent encroachment or to comply with local standards if you intend to put in a fence or build an add-on to your property.

Bethpage Land Surveyors, Ferrantello Group have extensive records of Nassau County properties and have worked in the local area for more than 50 years. Our experience with land surveys in Bethpage allow us to clarify your boundary lines and evaluate your property for potential complications. Our land surveying services are court compliant, so you will avoid potential court challenges after you buy or sell a property.